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Dowling Urban Environmental

Address: 3900 W. River Parkway
MInneapolis, 55406
Grades: K-5
Principal: Lloyd Winfield
Hours: 8:40 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.
Phone: 612.668.4410
Fax: 612.668.4420
Email: Lloyd.Winfield@mpls.k12.mn.us
Website: dowling.mpls.k12.mn.us

MAGNET FOCUS: Michael Dowling School Urban Environmental Magnet offers an integrated and thematic curriculum that emphasizes the environment and uses outdoor learning opportunities when possible. Our experienced staff, along with our PTO and leadership teams support our E-Steam and environmental programs to ensure the use of our 21 acres. We "differentiate through complexity." We have partnerships with Three Rivers Park District, the Arboretum and the DNR,  enhancing our environmental education focus. We partner with Augsburg College, St. Catherines University and the University of Minnesota student teacher programs. We use GLAD strategies in all of our classrooms. Our small learning communities reduce class size to 17-20 during critical English Language Arts/Social Studies/Science/Math times. We offer Math Corp and Reading Corp support services.

WE OFFER:   E-STEAM • Music • Physical Education • Art • Swimming • Media • Parent-Involved Leadership • PTO • Green Team • Special Education • English Learner (EL) Instruction/Services • Second Step and Community Education Classes


  • Minnesota School of Excellence for 2011-2012
  • E-STEAM Certified Teachers 
  • 21-acre environmental education site includes orchard, natural prairie area, nature acres, gardens, snowshoes for kindergarten through fifth grade, butterfly gardens, chimney swift towers and bird stations, and victory gardens
  • DNR (Department of Natural Resources) School Forest site
  • Greenhouse to grow plants
  • Organic recycling
  • St. Catherine University (student teachers)
  • University of Minnesota (student teachers)
  • Hamline University (student teachers)
  • Two computer labs
  • Remodeled swimming pool and handicap accessible playground
  • Remodeled auditorium
  • Academic-focused field trips
  • National Board Certified teachers
  • Second Step (bullying prevention program)
  • Students with special needs learn alongside others
  • GLAD Strategies Program


PROGRAM FOCUS: Michael Dowling School Urban Environmental Magnet emphasizes environmental science, the arts, history and geography, relating them to real-world settings. Increasing achievement in reading, writing, mathematics and science are at the core of our mission. We are preparing students for college, university or post-secondary educational experiences. Our purpose is to provide a balanced, comprehensive program that maximizes each student’s learning. Dowling staff foster a supportive, respectful atmosphere where students' individual strengths are developed to encourage competence, promote independence and enhance dignity while valuing others and the importance of everyone in the school community.

EXTENDED-DAY ACTIVITIES: Minneapolis Kids child care; Community Education programming


What we look like:
Student Race School District
Native American 2 % 4 %
African American 34 % 36 %
Asian American 4 % 6 %
Hispanic American 5 % 20 %
White American 55 % 34 %

Students School District
Receive ELL Services 15 % 24 %
Qualify for free or reduced lunch 49 % 63 %
Receive Special Education Services 15 % 14 %
3900 W. River Parkway
MInneapolis, 55406

Magnet Schools

  • Urban Environmental

English Language Learner Programs

  • English as a Second Language - General
  • Somali
  • Spanish

Academic Opportunities

  • GLAD
  • English Language Learner Program
  • Advanced Learners Support
  • Service Learning
  • Small Learning Communities

After-school Activities

  • Community Education Classes
  • ALC Learning Center

Before and After School Care

  • Minneapolis Kids

Extra-curricular Activities

  • School Patrol
  • Student Council

Kindergarten Options

  • All Day Kindergarten

Family and Student Support

  • Home Visits
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Family Fun/Learning Nights
  • Parent Involvement Leadership
  • Leadership Council
  • Student Leadership

School Information

  • Computer Lab(s)
  • Internet Connection in Every Classroom
  • Promethean Boards in Every Classroom
  • Audio Enhancement System

Please contact Nagashia.Jackson@mpls.k12.mn.us, Web Site Administrator,
for any questions/concerns you have about information posted on this site.