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Cityview Community

Address: 3350 - 4th St. N.
Minneapolis, 55412
Grades: Pre-K-5
Principal: Renee Montague
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Phone: 612.668.2270
Fax: 612.668.2280
Email: Renee.Montague@mpls.k12.mn.us
Website: cityview.mpls.k12.mn.us

WE OFFER: Full French Immersion – All Subjects Taught in French (English language arts is added one hour per day beginning in second grade; fourth and fifth grades will be French-enriched in 2014, with French for one hour per day) • Longer School Day • French-Fluent Teachers who are Dedicated Urban Educators • Site Governance by Teachers, Parents and Community Members • School Uniforms


  • Hold high expectations and ensure success for all students
  • Develop global citizens and environmental stewards through community engagement
  • Offer an enriched, rigorous curriculum that includes the arts, music, social studies, mathematics, health, environmental science and literacy in French and English
  • Integrate French language, international perspectives, and the cultures of more than 40 French-speaking countries throughout Africa, Europe and the world
  • Develop high levels of French language proficiency and cultural competence through content-based language instruction
  • Create a challenging, engaging, multicultural learning environment that nurtures the joy of learning
  • Build a community of interculturally competent students and teachers who appreciate diverse local and global cultures
  • Develop flexible thinking and problem-solving skills, including peaceful conflict resolution
  • Build dynamic, two-way partnerships with families and communities to support student success, including family volunteering and Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO)
What we look like:
Student Race School District
Native American 2 % 4 %
African American 81 % 36 %
Asian American 7 % 6 %
Hispanic American 5 % 20 %
White American 5 % 34 %

Students School District
Receive ELL Services 12 % 24 %
Qualify for free or reduced lunch 93 % 63 %
Receive Special Education Services 14 % 14 %
3350 - 4th St. N.
Minneapolis, 55412
  • Magnet Schools

    • Language Immersion

    Academic Opportunities

    • Arts
    • Language Immersion
    • Physical Education
    • Visual Arts
    • World Languages

    World Languages

    • French

    Kindergarten Options

    • Guaranteed All Day Kindergarten

    Family and Student Support

    • Family Involvement Program
    • Home Visits
    • Family Fun/Learning Nights
    • Parent Involvement Leadership

    School Information

    • Computer Lab(s)
    • Internet Connection in Every Classroom
    • New School Building
    • Responsive Classroom
    • School Uniforms Required

Please contact Nagashia.Jackson@mpls.k12.mn.us, Web Site Administrator,
for any questions/concerns you have about information posted on this site.