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New Families Center
New Families Center

The multi-lingual staff at the New Families Center works with families who speak a home language other than English. Families with students whose home language is not English should call 612.668.3700 (Spanish and Somali) or 612.668.1836 (Hmong) to make an appointment. A student’s English is assessed to see if he/she qualifies for English as a Second Language (ESL) services. The student will then be placed in a school with appropriate services.

The following services are provided at the New Families Center:

• Staff speak Somali and Spanish
• Interpreters are available to help speakers of other languages
• School choice guidance
• School placement for students ages 5-20
• English assessment
• Health screening
• Free immunizations as needed for school
• Help finding and signing up for medical insurance
• Resources for a wide range of services